let's smerk a berl
21 years old living in shitty ass NH getting wasted and making the best of it. talk to me niggazzzz.



aka i don’t


i want to go to sleep but i cant bc my hair is wet and if i put my head down ill ruin my pillow case :—(

girl i know how you feel

going to school:late
going to a doctors appointment:late
going to a dentist appointment:late
going to my friends house:late
going to a party:late
going to a concert:8 hours early


Whether he’s escaped or embraced that Old Danny Brown, the original Bruiser has a new Tumblr and is about to embark on a 31-city US tour. The ask box is on, and he is now taking your questions here.
Ask Danny what you dare, then follow him and tune into your dashboards TOMORROW (Thursday), March 20, at 2pm ET / 1pm CT for a grimy and honest edition of Dashboard Confessions. 

I’m back on that real tumblr, bruh bruh. This gonna be my new shit. Follow me and stay tuned. Tomorrow (Thurs Mar 20) I’m here 2pm ET to answer questions. Start asking now! 



do i sleep or watch one more episode???


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